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CEI subscriptions are divided in two different ways.


CEI Global Online: subscription to Full Text Standard content

Access to the full text of any standard and Technical guides in your collection as often as you need.

All details are given below, while all the way how to build the subscriptions are reported in the below tables.

Set up a “CEI GLOBAL ONLINE” subscription

CEI Database: subscription to bibliographic data

It provides two different services:

  • Bookmark, feature keeps you up to date with your own custom selected standards as it monitors them “automatically” for updates
  • Notepad, informs you of the status of a document you currently hold

Further information is available in the following section.

SETUP a “CEI DATABASE” subscription

The below table summarized all the possible configurations of CEI’s subscriptions.

Why subscribe

  • To make sure to access to the latest version of the standard, including Errata Corrige and Amendments.
  • Receiving notifications whenever the standard has been modified (new version, variant, errata corrige, interpretation sheet etc.).
  • Possibility to access from any devices (PC/Mac/Linux, tablet, smartphone) in the view function.
  • The view facility allows to have access to the standard without having the administrative rights on the machine due to not the requirement to install the FileOpen plugin
  • The historical version of CEI subscription is included automatically in the subscription and they can be consulted any time, whereas for the other publishers, can be included, on request, on the subscription.
Configure the best subscription for all your needs

CEI Global Online


With the CEI Global Online subscription it is possible to access to the standards and to the Technical guides through the CEI’s Catalog.

They are different ways to choose the standards to which to subscribe ( one or more Technical Committees, to one or more standards, to a custom collection).

Configura a “CEI GLOBAL ONLINE” subscription


The Selections are collections of standards and technical guides to a specific sector. These collections of standards and technical guides are defined by each publisher.

It is also possible to subscribe to the complete collection of each publisher.

Each publisher provides a collection of standards divided by specific topics create by them.

Just to give an idea, below an example of CEI’s selections.

S001 Full collection of CEI Standards
S003 Impianti e sicurezza di esercizio
S008 Apparecchi elettromedicali, elettroacustica, laser
S016 Norme fondamentali per impianti
S017 Norme per impianti elettrici, ATEX, macchine e norme collegate
S021 Norme fondamentali per impianti elettrici e di impiantistica tecnica: macchine/apparecchiature
S028 Impianti tecnologici per edifici
SdLVDCEI Standards armonized accoring to the EU Low Voltage Directive
SdEMCCEI Standards armonized accoring to the EU Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive

To request a customized offer for different publishers, click on the below link

Configura a “CEI GLOBAL ONLINE” subscription

Technical Committees Subscrition

It is possible to take a subscription to standards that are part of Technical Committees.

To see the complete list of CEI’s Technical Committees please go to list of CEI’s Technical Committees.

Below an example of the prices to a CEI’s subscription to Technical Committees.

SectionCommittees1 Named User
Download & Print
Member Price
1 Named User
View Only
Member Price
F5CT 59/61, CT 86, CT 309€ 800,00€ 400,00
F4CT 20, CT 62, CT 100/103€ 640,00€ 320,00
F3CT 34, CT 46, CT 48, CT 65€ 480,00€ 240,00
F2CT 9, CT 15/112, CT 23, CT 31, CT 121, CT 210€ 320,00€ 160,00
F1All the other Committees€ 160,00€ 80,00

In order to have a custom offer or if more information are needed about Technical Committees, please click on the link below and you can customaries them.

Configura a “CEI GLOBAL ONLINE” subscription

Custom subscription

You can subscribe to a single standard or to a group of standards of your choice.

  • Subscription to a single standard
    Subscription to a single standard is a subscription where the user can choice one or more standards from the same publisher, and asking to have access to them online.
    The subscription to a CEI single standard (stand-alone access) can be done directly from the CEI database by the end user. Subscriptions to a block of standards with multi -licence has to be required directly to CEI’s sales office.
    Please click to the link “Set up a CEI subscription”.
  • Subscription to a block of standards
    In this case the end user will give to CEI the number of standards and the publishers that intend to subscribe and once the subscription has been activated the end user can decide when add the standards and this can be done, any time until they are standards available.
    For example, for CEI Standards the block of standards can’t be no less then 10 standards. For the other publishers the minimum number of the standards, in the block, depend of the policy of the publisher.

For multiuser-licences or for blocks of standards (either CEI or other publishers) and for subscriptions to a single standard of other publishers it is necessary to contact CEI for the quotation.

Configure a “CEI GLOBAL ONLINE” subscription

Types of Licensing

They are two ways to set up a CEI GLOBAL Online subscription:

  • Named users
    The subscription can be used only by the end users that the company has written on the contract and they will be identified by their emails.
  • Simultaneous users
    Allows the company, that has taken this type of subscription to give access to all employees (potential users) but with a limit of users per time. In order to have this kind subscription, the company has to provide the number of simultaneous users that intend to give access along with the number of sites that need to have access to the subscription taken by the company.

To better understand the differences

Let’s take, for example, a company that purchased three licenses to access the standards of a certain publisher:

  • if you choose the Named Users licensing mode, you will be requested to specify the three users that will access the standards
    Once you have setup the subscription for the three users, and, only these three users can view (and/or download) the standards (also simultaneously)
  • if, instead, you choose the Simultaneous Users licensing mode, you will have to specify only the number of the users that simultaneously can access the standard, no matter who they are and no matter the total number of the company users that – potentially – could be interested in accessing the standards.
    In fact, any user with and email address will be allowed to view/download the standards if there is at least one available license.
    If all the licenses are used, the fourth user will be blocked by MyNorma: as soon as one of the three previous users will disconnect, the fourth user will be alloed to enter the system
Configure a “CEI GLOBAL ONLINE” subscription

Access Mode

CEI offers two possible ways of using the subscription:

  • Online View Only
    Choosing the “only” view online the user subscribes to “only” consulting the standards via CEI portal, without the possibility to download or saving the content in their PC.
    In order to be able to use the “online view” the end user has to be connectedall the time, to internet either via PC or smartphone, tablet, etc.
    This solution is for all those users who do not need to have access to the content in a remote area and they do not need to print the hardy copy of the standard.
    An important aspect of this type of subscription is that it allows the user to open the content without being asked to install on the PC the FileOpen plugin (see “View, download and print mode”).
  • Online view with download and print
    View, download and print it is the complete access to the content: in addition to offering the “View only”, this kind of subscription enables the end user to download and printing the standard (each user can download one copy of each standard).
    To open the downloaded file the end user needs to install the FileOpen plugin, on the PC that is intended to save the standard (for more details, please see the FAQ).
Configura un abbonamento “CEI GLOBAL ONLINE”

CEI Database


It is a subscription to information services that allows the end user to receive notifications on changes on the standards, as well as to add, on the metadata of the standard, annotations and links.

Con questo tipo di abbonamento non si accede al contenuto delle Norme ma si hanno a disposizione strumenti per lavorare con le informazioni di copertina (i cosiddetti metadati).

This type of subscription does not give access to the standards but give to the end user a powerful search tool.

There are two tools available by the “Database” type subscription:

  • Bookmark
    The Bookmark service keeps you up-to-date with your own custom-selected standards as it monitors them for updates.
    In the event of a change such as a variant and/or errata corrige, an interpretation or abrogation sheet of the same standard an email will be sent to direct to the new document (new version, variant, errata corrige, interpretation or abrogation sheet).the user that has created the bookmark with a link
  • Notepad
    The Notepad service allows you to insert, on the metadata of the standard, notes and links that be useful for products or projects that the company is developing.
    The end user can use notepad to add information such as, for example, the most relevant chapter, the importance of the standard or part of it for the development of the project, link to documents and procedures, etc. The note add by a user will be shared with colleagues, based on the permission assigned to the groups created on MyNorma by the company

For more information how to subscribe to CEI Database, please download the leaflet.

Setup a “CEI DATABASE” subscription