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What is FileOpen

FileOpen is the technology adopted by CEI for the protection of the intellectual property of its publications from unauthorized usage (DRM, Digital Rights Management).

It is constituted by a plugin for the most widespread PDF readers: Adobe Reader, FoxIt Reader, PDF-Exchange, Nitro PDF.

How to open/view protected Standards

All the standards downloaded from MyNorma (the CEI e-commerce website) are protected with the FileOpen technology: before you start using such a file it is important to read carefully the End User License Agreement.

Typically, at the first attempt to open a FileOpen protected file , the system should bring the user to the website where he/she can download the plugin installer.


If – for any reason – it did not work, it is possible to download the plugin installer form the website

Download FileOpen plugin

For the installation of the plugin, you need administrative rights on the PC.

Once you download the installer, double click on it to poceed with the setup.

Accept the License Agreement and click on Install


If Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat are running during the setup, it is necessary to allow the installer close themby clicking on OK should the following scree appear.


On setup completed, click on Finish.


At this point, the files protected with the FileOpen technology can be opened on the PC where you installed the plugin.

IMPORTANT: it is always mandatory to have an internet connection to allow the plugin to cantact the CEI server for the license check.


The CEI commerciale policy allows you to open the purchased files at most on two hosts/PCs (e.g., laptop and workstation) of the same user.

Trying to open a protected file on a third PC will result in a operation denied error.