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ProDiS: usage conditions and data validity

The value of Ng reported by the application is calculated solely on the basis of geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude, WGS84 format) provided by the user. CEI – Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano does not assume any responsibility for the reliability of the instruments used for the detection of the coordinates themselves, including the free tool “CEI FindIT”, made available with the only goal to be an aid and/or verification tool. Similarly, it is up to user responsibility to verify the precision and the accuracy of any GPS detector used for field surveys.

The values ​​of Ng reported by the application are derived from measurements and calculations performed by CESI S.p.A. by using scientific knowledge and technics representing the state of the art in this field.

CEI ProDiS has the characteristics indicated in the CEI 81-30 Technical Guide so that the data made available can be used in the risk analysis required by the European standard CEI EN 62305-2.

Data relating to geographical indications provided by the application refer to geographic databases provided by ISTAT. Such data refer to the situation of the municipalities, provinces and regions before the 2019 census.

The accuracy of the conversion of coordinates leads to an error of approximately 100 m. The application is built so as to take into account the unavoidable approximations due to numerical computation and, therefore, the values ​​provided are always conservative.

The value of Ng provided by the application is exclusively related to the coordinates: there is no relationship between the value of Ng and the city in which the geographic coordinates (WGS84) fall.

Small variation of the coordinates can lead to different values ​​of Ng, due to the discrete nature of the ceraunic map the application is based on. It is, therefore, advisable to carefully check the input values​​, as well as to avoid the re-use of data for locations distant more than 100 m (fault tolerance).

Data interpolated and/or inferred with any algorithm from those provided by the application does not have any bearing on the underlying physical model and, therefore, must not be used in calculations.

Ceraunic density data (Ng) are owned by CEI – Italian Electrotechnical Committee and CESI S.p.A. Without a written authorization by CEI – Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano, it is forbidden the dissemination of such data, even free of charge, in any form or by any means, except for design purposes for which the consultation takes place.

It is explicitly forbidden to reconstruct the ceraunic database, even partially, from data supplied by the application.

For anything not explicitly mentioned in these terms, see the license for the other CEI products.