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User license

The Italian Electrotechnical Committee (henceforth CEI) recognizes MyNorma users a non-exclusive and non-transferable right, subject to the conditions contained below, on the Products contained on this site.

Users agree to be bound by the terms set out in this License regarding the installation and making of copies or any other use of the products contained in MyNorma.

This User License does not grant the User ownership of the Product, but only a right of use according to the terms set out in this License.

The User acknowledges that the Products are owned by CEI, as the copyright holder, and that these rights are protected by national laws and international copyright protection treaties.

The User also acknowledges that all rights, titles and interests in the Products are and will be of the CEI, including intellectual property rights.

Once the transaction is completed, it is necessary to download the purchased Standard file: the purchase of the Standard ends by downloading the PDF file to the buyer’s computer.

The order and the subsequent download of the PDF file of the standard remain available to the customer for thirty days from the date of purchase.

The User may use only one copy of the product on a single workstation.

The CEI reserves the right to rehabilitate the discharge of the Standard only in exceptional cases, upon written request, provided that the Standard is still in force.

The User will provide the CEI with all the information necessary to ensure full compliance with the terms of this agreement by third parties.

In the event that the action of third parties may question compliance with the terms of this agreement, the User will collaborate with the CEI in order to ensure compliance.

The Products supplied by the CEI through MyNorma are the latest version in force of the CEI publications.

Neither the CEI nor its representative, manager, employee or distributor of the Products, can be held responsible for any personal, physical or economic damage that may arise, be born or be in any way related to the possession or use of any of the Products by the User or one of its representatives, managers, employees, representatives or agents.

The responsibility for the possible consequences of any use of any of the Products lies with the User.

The terms of this agreement can be modified at any time by the CEI.

The agreement is governed by the legislation in force in Italy and the competent court for any dispute is that of Milan, Italy: the CEI reserves the right to take any legal action against Users to safeguard their rights, at the courts of their country of residence or in any jurisdiction in which there has been a violation of this agreement.

By accepting this license, the user approves the operating procedures in force at the time of purchase.